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Partners in Learning


Our programs are designed to support learning through play. They offer learning opportunities in the five developmental areas of early childhood growth. The areas are as follows:

Physical: Time to build strong muscles/bodies through physical activity. To explore and develop new found and existing physical skills in a safe yet challenging environment.

Cognitive: Learning to think creatively and logically whilst engaged in play and interacting with the environment. Using ones senses to build and create a knowledge and understanding of the world around.

Social: Expanding a self identity to an awareness of others. Making contact and interacting with others through play. Engaging harmoniously: sharing; taking turns; waiting; respecting rights; co-operating and tolerance.

Emotional: Promoting growth toward independence so as to accomplish tasks on ones own. Promoting self esteem, confidence and initiative in a warm and supportive atmosphere. Managing self help routines with increasing mastery and enthusiasm. Expressing needs and wants with confidence.

Language: Listening, speaking, reading and writing are recognized as developmental acquisitions. Each of these aspects of language are fostered in all areas of activity. Good literature is recognized as a most valuable resource to support the program across all areas.